St. George Marathon

Opening Ceremony | Boston Qualifier

St. George Marathon | Opening Ceremony
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Innovative Countdown for St. George Marathon

The St. George Marathon, renowned for its scenic route and vibrant atmosphere, faced a unique challenge: creating an unforgettable and innovative countdown for the race. They wanted something beyond traditional methods to kick-start the marathon, something that would capture the excitement and energy of the event and leave a lasting impression on the runners and spectators.

Innovative Countdown for St. George Marathon

In their quest for a distinctive and memorable start, the St. George Marathon organizers turned to Collaborating with our team, they conceptualized a spectacular drone countdown. As the runners lined up at the start line, a fleet of drones took to the sky, creating a dynamic and visually stunning countdown. The drones illuminated the early morning with vibrant colors and precise formations, counting down the final moments before the race began. This drone countdown not only energized the crowd but also set the tone for an exhilarating and memorable marathon, showcasing the perfect blend of technology and creativity.